Costa Rica 2018

Passion Flower

A Passion Flower from Costa Rica

If you'd like to see more photos from our trip to Costa Rica there's a slideshow gallery at

Cuba 2017

Classic Cars in Havana

An assortment of vintage American cars

An assortment of vintage American cars provide an opening for entrepreneurs. For just $20 the owners let you load in as many as will fit and ride for an hour.



José Fuster’s house, and some of the surrounding neighborhood, are covered in whimsical, colorful mosaics. It’s impossible to capture with a single picture.

La Habana Vieja

Havana street

La Habana Vieja, Spanish for Old Havana, was first established as a Spanish colony in the fifteen hundreds, so you'll see many colonial style buildings.

India & Nepal 2016

Shillong, Meghalaya

Panorama of Shillong rooftops

Our first destination was Shillog, Meghalaya, on the Eastern side of India. The city was deluged with tourists for the many day festival of Durga.

Old Dehli

Market street with merchandise and people

In Old Dehli, we walked through a maze of alleyways and saw a monkey traveling though the rat's nest of wiring overhead.

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Market street with colorful fabrics on display

The narrow market streets of Jaipur were crowded and bustling. The bazaar may have been more colorful for our stay, with the Festival of Lights coming soon.

Night scene of priests performing for vast crowds

During Devali, a major Hindu holiday, Hindu priests waved flaming oil lamp trees to loud music. Thousands watched from the shore and from boats moored nearby.

The Ganges River

Wide steps crowded with people along the banks of the river

We took a boat ride which gave us the best view of morning activities on the Ganga, the most holy river of India. Many of the folk in Varanasi come to the river to bathe.

Central America 2015

San Salvador

View of a volcano from afar

This trip included El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize. Outside of San Salvador we viewed a volcano on the other side of the valley.

Peru 2014

Amazon River Cruise

Sloth in a tree

Our cruise on the Amazon River took us into Peru's rain forest where we viewed exotic birds, fished for piranha, and watched this three toed sloth hang out in a tree.

Capuchin Monkey

This brown capuchin monkey wanted my coffee in the worst way. He couldn't unscrew the cap, but he got into zipped pockets in a flash.