Talking Cordie-bot

Cordie-bot Cordie-bot open

I made this bot with a brass lamp, an Arduino, and a speech board, for my granddaughter Cordie’s 11th birthday. It says phrases like “I’m not the droid you’re looking for”.

Infinity Clock

Infinity Clock

My grandson admired the infinity mirrors at the Ann Arbor Art Fair, so I made him this clock, powered by an Arduino, which uses multi-color lights to tell time and provide a light show. Hint: this video was taken at 6:15.

Steam-punk Hat

Steampunk Hat Steampunk Hat

The Steam-punk hat seems to be haunted. Purple eyes shine through the goggles. When it's activated, the purple eyes disappear and the top opens with eyes peering out.

Bending Birdfeeder

Birdfeeder bent down Birdfeed extended up

Deer emptied our bird feeder every night, so I created this mechanism to raise the feeder 10’ from the ground. It's hinged so that I can refill it.