For Sale

Blue canoe Canoe bottom Close up of diamonds

This eighteen-and-a-half foot wood and canvas canoe with a 33 inch beam has been in the family since 1918, when Great Aunt Helen Welker received it as a high school graduation present. It came down to us, and we paddled it for years on rivers and lakes in Michigan and Ontario. Since we no longer canoe camp we've decided to sell it.

With it's keel it tracks well on lakes and is great for carrying a week’s worth of camping gear. It has a removable wooden deck, good for keeping camping equipment and such off the ribs and dry. We've been told by paddlers who know wooden canoes that it’s likely an Old Town, but we can't verify that. Note the diamond shaped heads of the bolts holding the seats, a signature of an Old Town canoe. It’s in damn good condition for its age and now resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan. $1700 or best offer. Contact Hal at 737.929.5526 or .

Floor of Canoe