Hal and Cathie

Welcome! I'm Hal Breidenbach, a retired software engineer but still a tinkerer and maker. I keep myself busy with a variety of different projects, everything from home renovations to building robots. I enjoy going to the annual Maker Faire at The Henry Ford Museum.

I live in the United States in Ann Arbor, Michigan with my wife Cathie. Our three daughters have long since left the nest.

Now that we've got the time, we're doing our best to travel the world. Since retiring in 2008, Cathie and I have traveled to England, Ireland, Russia, Greece, Turkey, Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Belize. In 2016 we went to India and this year we went to Cuba. We often travel in groups with a company called Overseas Adventure Travel that arranges for interactions with local cultures. And of course we've been to Canada many times, as it's right next door. We've also been to America's final frontier, Alaska.

When we're not globetrotting, we stay active contra dancing. During the winter we do a lot of cross-country skiing and during the summer we go on the occasional camping trip. We used to canoe camp but we haven't lately, so we've decided to sell our wooden canoe. Click here if you're interested in a 1918 classic canoe. We bought kayaks instead.

Cathie in her Kayak
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